Chimera: Observatory Automation System

Chimera is a package to control astronomical observatories aiming the creation of remote and even autonomous observatories with just a few clicks. Using Chimera you can easily control telescopes, CCD cameras, focusers and domes in a very integrated way.

Fully distributed system. You can use different machines to control each instrument and everything will looks like just one.
Very powerful autonomous mode. Give a target and exposure parameters and Chimera does the rest.
Web interface
Web interface to schedule and monitor observations (in development).
Hardware support

Support for most common off-the-shelf components. See supported devices.

Very easy to add support for new instruments (it’s Python code!).

Chimera can be used in a very integrated mode but also in standalone mode to control just one instrument.
It’s free (as in free beer) and written in a very modern language. Python!.

Getting started

To install chimera, you just have to download it at Chimera github page and install it by following the INSTALL document.

Use our Quickstart document to guide yout through the first steps of using Chimera. There is also a PDF version as well.

Help and Development

You can help Chimera development, we are always looking for contributors. If you don’t write code, no problem! You can write documentation, help with this site, marketing. Everyone can help!

See our Development page for more information, to report a bug or just follow Chimera’s development closely.

To start coding, look at our Getting Started with Chimera document. You can download it in PDF as well.

Supported Devices


Meade based LX-200 (Meade, Losmandy).

Paramount ME using TheSky COM+ interfaces.

CCD Cameras
SBIG USB cameras.
COTE/LNA Dome (LNA specific).

In Development


CCD Cameras

Apogee USB/Ethernet cameras.

Finger Lake Instruments Cameras


If you need support for any device which Chimera’s doesn’t support, call us and we can try to develop it or help you to do it.

For more information, take a look on our Development wiki or contact us at


Chimera is Free/Open Software licensed by GPL v2 or later (at your choice).


Chimera was designed by Paulo Henrique Silva at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in collaboration with his advisor Antonio Kanaan and other contributors.

Contact us at

Chimera is sponsored by Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica through a CNPq grant. Chimera is also supported by Brazilian INCT-A and FAPESP.

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